RV 101 for the new owner

Was your head spinning when you left the dealer where you got your new RV? 

They gave you a walk thru, but most of what they said went out the window or you just weren’t getting everything they were telling you?

Here is where RV101 comes into the picture, I have decided to offer hands on, one on one basic training classes for first time owners. This will be tailored to the specific needs of the new owners, providing training and tips on how to do the basic set up and take down. Preparing for travel, knowing what you really need to have and some of the what you might want to have as well. Adding to that will be tips on how to care for your new home on wheels, maintaining water systems, batteries, tires and many other things to help you have more worry free travels.

In addition I will give you information on where to find the things you need as you travel including some tips on places to stay, good deals I have found along the way and even some places you might want to avoid. Most of all I hope to share thoughts and Ideas that will make owning your RV something you will enjoy for years to come.

Looking forward to helping you get on the road, have fun and do it safely.


5 thoughts on “RV 101 for the new owner

  1. Sounds like you have fantastic options for new owners! I live in Georgia and am coming down to inspect and pick up an RV in Venice. Do you give package deals for pre purchase inspections and RV101/Driving School?I’m very interested! Thank you, Nancy


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