If you don’t know how to fix it –

So the question comes to mind that if someone doesn’t know how to fix a problem, how can they identify possible problem, or problems in the making. So some of what it takes to be a good technician, or inspector is knowing how things work. Having worked on problems with a variety of different devices and being able to identify problems that are waiting to happen due to neglecting maintenance are just a couple of examples where you build up the knowledge needed to make a good judgement, or identify a problem in the making.

Without exposure to a vast array of things, like plumbing, electrical systems, both 110 Volt AC and 12 volt DC systems, hydraulics, mechanical drive systems, gasket and sealing systems, insulation, general construction and maintenance of all of these things how can someone know what they are looking at?

There are a lot of really great technicians at RV dealerships and other RV mobile repair services that do a really good job, but how many have had the exposure to every aspect of the construction that goes into today’s RV’s? have they been exposed to every aspect of construction of an RV or Home? How many years of experience do they have in all the various areas listed above, giving them experience with design or problem recognition?

In short, is the person you are going to put your trust in, someone with years of experience, or hours of training, have they designed and built anything similar to your RV?

My experience extends very deep into years of technical design, maintenance and remodeling, knowing every aspect of how a home and RV are made, and I have lived in an RV and maintained it for several years now.

The question is “Who do you want to trust?”

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