Keeping your Cool!

Periodic cleaning of the return air filters inside your RV can make a huge difference in how well your air conditioners work in cooling your rig.  Without adequate air flow, the systems do not work well, and you suffer from the heat and the air conditioner won’t work as well as it could.

If the filters are removed instead of being cleaned or replaced, you will start clogging up the cooling coils in the air conditioner and in the long run it will mean less comfort for you and a costly cleaning or repair bill. If you don’t know how to clean the filters, get help, it’s well worth the expense.

I have seen where someone out there in RV world is offering custom made air filters that look more like the filters you find in a sticks and bricks home, but I’m not sure they are recommended by the RV air conditioner manufacturers. The likelihood is that these types of filters will block up quicker, and are not cleanable, which means you need to replace them instead of cleaning, which simply adds to your expenses. Additionally, if your RV is like mine, there really isn’t any room in the duct work to properly install or allow for the air to flow through a filter like that.

I believe the idea behind them is to offer the same air quality as a high grade Hepa filter, if that is something you need, then you may wish to consider finding them on the web.  You could also consider any of the many free standing air filtration systems that will do a similar job with the exception that it is one more thing in the RV.

If you need air that clean, I would stay away from the UV style free-standing  units, from my experience they also produce ozone, which is a funky odor you may not like, and about a year down the road you will find that you have to replace some expensive parts as well. So simple is better, and beside which unless it is a recommended health need GET OUTSIDE! that’s why you are RVing isn’t it?  To see all the beauty and wonder of God’s creation up front and personal, this is something that can not be done in your easy chair in front of the big screen tv. Enjoy the beauty, take care of your RV and HAVE FUN!


2 thoughts on “Keeping your Cool!

  1. We don’t own a fifth wheel yet but can envision combing through the manuals and coming up with a list of maintenance dates in a spreadsheet or everything. Of course some items would be based off usage such as an ac ran less may not require checking the filter at any given timeframe. Or then again I might just wing it like I do in our sticks and bricks. However it seems like there would be a need for a list given having a truck and camper. How do you keep track of maintenance items?


    1. I keep a spreadsheet of items that need attention, but more often than not, I end up doing things like you mention, as I seem to recall them needing attention or when they get your attention in one way or the other.
      Thanks for checking in on this!
      Hope your RV days are soon and often, safe and enjoyable.


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