Where to keep propane and other stored stuff.

I was asked about storing a few items while away from an RV for a couple of months but stored on their own RV park lot.

Where can I keep propane tanks?

Because propane tanks can leak it is never a good idea to store them inside of your RV at any time.  Any area such as your pass thru storage or basement of the RV does not vent directly to the outside. If the propane gas leaks for any reason, it could fill your RV which could lead to an explosion.

If you are storing them while you are living in it the gas could possibly be fatal for you if your alarm failed to operate. always store propane outside, or in a well vented space and preferably away from anything that could cause a spark or open flame that the gas could be exposed to.

How do I store my fresh water, flushing hose and drain hoses while away.

Needless to say it is best of they are clean and empty before storing them anywhere.

For the drain hose, its best once rinsed clean etc. to store it in a large trash bag away from other items, this helps to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading to anything else, and also helps to ensure that it does not get filled with bugs while you are away.

For clean water hoses, empty them, coil them up in a neat coil without kinks in them, then connect to the ends together to help keep critters out of them also.  as long as they are empty and the ends connected together they should stay clean and healthy.

Next step is to store them into a clean area away from direct sunlight which can cause decay of the hoses.



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