A Busy Week

This past week I had a full week of work, despite the fact that there are only a few rigs lefthere at ‘The Trail’.

I started the week by helping a neighbor correct some problems with their new 5th wheel after the RV repair company he was attempting to work with repeatedly failed to keep appointments.

The problems included window trim that wasn’t nailed to the wall properly, seam trim that was loose in the hallway and a sliding door trim board that came loose. I also insulated some exterior access cabinets to reduce heat penetration to the inside of the storage area as well as the inside of the RV.

Another neighbor then contacted me about one of his awnings that had gotten damaged by high winds. I repaired the awning and also replaced a couple of parts on the other awning to extend it’s life. The rig is roughly 9 years old and the screws had pulled out the side, so I added some aluminum reinforcement plates to the base mounting areas of each awning.

While I was working on the awning, the owner asked me to step inside the RV to see if I could determine why the furnace was running at the same time as the air conditioning. The outdoor temperature was over 90 degrees, so needless to say the furnace should not have been running! My first thought was to pull the fuse for the furnace, which was OK, except the 12 volt fuse also powered the thermostat for the cooling. We ventured outside and turned off the furnace via the switch under the exterior cover and determined that the thermostat was the problem.

That same evening, my wife was sitting outside and heard what she described as a ‘racket’ coming from one of our nearby neighbors 5th wheel. We walked over and I climbed on the roof to discover that there was a problem with one of the rooftop AC units.  I contacted the owner who gave me the access code so I could get inside the RV and shut off the circuit breaker to the damaged AC unit. The next morning I climbed up on the roof again, pulled the cover and found out that the blower fan assembly was self destructing. I pulled it out along with multiple pieces of the blower cage, reinstalled the cover and called the owner who gave me permission to order another blower cage which will be here in about 5 days. Thankfully they have two AC’s on their rig which they left running in order to keep the moisture down in the RV.

I also did an inspection for Wholesale Warranty Co. this past week which was a welcome way to spend some time and meet another RV owner.

That’s it for this update, hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.


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