Middle of RV Season & Dead Batteries

For many people it is the middle of the RV season, they got their rig out of storage and packed it up to go places during the beautiful summer season. Some of these folks checked out the batteries in their RV at the start of the season and figured they are good until they put it back in storage. What people usually don’t realize is that over the months that they have the RV plugged into shore power the batteries are being charged. That is all fine and well, but it also means they could be loosing some of the water due to the normal gassing of the battery as they charge.

Checking the level of the water in the battery and keeping it properly filled can save you a lot of problems, disappointments and expenses in the long haul. For less than a dollar every couple of months you could be saving hundreds compared to the cost of replacing deep cycle batteries.

This comes to mind because I’ve gotten several calls recently from folks with dead coach batteries, one was near by and two others were trying to get someplace and called me in a panic trying to figure out why things weren’t working.

** Note only use DISTILLED WATER in batteries! **

The link attached here is from Interstate Batteries who do a great job of explaining how to fill a battery and check for the proper level as well.

How to check and fill a battery

Happy Camping

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