My Air Conditioner Doesn’t Work Good!

Over the past couple of months I have had people contact me to say that their air conditioner wasn’t working as good as it used to. In two of these cases the owners or family members smoked cigarettes inside the trailer. The result is in the pictures of the cooling coils of the rooftop air conditioner, in one case the unit also had some RV construction debris of foam board insulation collect on the coil first, then the nicotine started collecting dust and crud brought in partly because of a missing air return filter.

Both of the units were just over 6 years old,  and required both vacuuming and chemically cleaning the coils. Needless to say that after they were cleaned the units performed almost as though they were new.

#1 Travel trailer 6+ years of smoking, along with bead board insulation.
#2 6+ Years of smoking and just plain dust and crud.
#2 After it was cleaned.

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