Lost Power

The picture above shows a generator switch over box that has burnt relay contacts in it.

This appears to have been a result of incorrectly tightened wire lugs which lead to overheating of the connection and eventually shorting of the wires and tripping the main breaker. It also resulted in damaging the connector plug on their plug-in surge suppressor. This lead to a total loss of power within the 5th wheel in this case and also resulted in the loss of everything in the refrigerator due to the fact the owners were away when this finally failed. Thankfully because this is in a certified electrical connection box there was no resulting fire that could have caused a total loss of the RV.

In this case to restore power back to the RV, the wires shown here were spliced back together using mechanical splices and heat shrink tubing over the connections. This was done this way because the RV did not have a generator installed and also to restore power as the priority.

Based in part on this incident and others I have seen like this in the past I would strongly recommend that you have a service technician or other qualified individual inspect the  connections and tightness of the lugs on all of the electrical connections in your RV.


Wishing you all the best and Happy Camping.

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