Business Finally Showing up in Google search.

After investing a bit of time and effort I finally have the business showing up in a local search on google ! Now all I need is some good honest reviews to help boost my ranking from real customers.

Thanks to anyone willing to post a good review on my behalf, I appreciate the business that many of my friends and neighbors have given me and I hope to serve you with good reliable and timely services.

Thanks Very Much and Happy Camping

Google search listing for Rick The RoVing Tech


2 thoughts on “Business Finally Showing up in Google search.

  1. We appreciate your service on our hot water tank.
    I got a good hot shower after long day of site seeing. Gus Garrison with Outlaw Motorcoach Conversions contacted Rick Job well done.

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  2. I am a consignment broker for the last few years. And before this I have worked at just about every RV Dealership here in town since 2007.
    I run across a lot of people who want or need a very honest and reliable and reasonable rv tech that isn’t just a parts guesser or someone that tells you what you want to hear and charges a arm and leg.
    I met Rick several years ago and have been using him ever since and Will always highly recommend his services whether you were looking for an RV tech or a person that you can trust inspecting a RV before you purchase you can rest of sure Rick is the man !
    Rick is by far from what I have dealt with in the past years the most reliable the most trusted down the earth tech that you will ever meet.
    If Rick tells you he will be there, he will. If Rick tells you that the cost will be. …….. then that is the price.
    I am so confident with Ricks services I would never use any other person.
    5 stars for Rick The Roving Tech


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