Summer Services

During the summer, I will be offering custom services to help ensure that when you come back to your piece of paradise in the fall, you will find things intact and ready for your enjoyment.


Irrigation system:

I am offering sprinkler system checks. I will inspect the irrigation filters and clean them as needed. I will also check to make sure the attached sprinklers are at the plant and operating properly. I will check them once a month.

The sprinkler system service is being offered at $25.00 a month per lot. If for any reason the filters are not cleanable, they will be replaced at cost of replacement with no additional labor charge.

Battery Checking and Charging for Golf Carts:

Golf cart owners who want to ensure their batteries are staying charged and water levels are where they should be, I will do this based on a monthly charge of $30, including any distilled water that needs to be added. If you chose to shrink wrap the cart, I can do it in a way that will ensure that I’m able to check and maintain the batteries.

RV Checkups:

If you are leaving your RV on your lot, I am offering battery and checkup services. Ensuring your power is still on, air conditioners are running, etc. Checking batteries the same as I would for golf carts with the obvious difference being that I won’t have to plug them in once a month to charge them. Pricing for this will be based on what you want done.

These services come with the assurance that your property is being cared for by someone who has a vested interest in our community.

Shrink Wrapping Services:

My son, Jerry and I are offering protective wrapping services to cover the following items: RV’s, boats, cars, outdoor grills, kitchens, golf carts and anything else that you want to protect from the elements.

These services are offered at a basic rate of $12 per linear foot and $15 per linear foot if a wooden frame is needed to protect the item from heat or stress from the wrapping process. Adequate venting is included to minimize moisture buildup.

Shrink wrap is made of polyethylene which has UV inhibitors and is formulated to shrink when heated to create a seal much tighter than a tarp and rope. That seal not only keeps the weather out, it also prevents stretching and tearing that are typical with tarps after a few months in the elements.

White shrink wrap is used for warm climates to reflect heat and prevent condensation along with venting to prevent mold. In the long run the cost of shrink wrapping is much less than the repair work from a leaking roof or the value lost from fading paint and graphics. With the thicker shrink wrap (8 mil or thicker) you can bullet wrap a vehicle, boat, or even a trailer to protect it on long road trips from weather and small objects. Needless to say large or heavy objects will be able to break through.

If you choose to partially wrap something and still be able to use the air conditioning, there are ways to make that possible depending on the layout of the vehicle. Zipper doors are available and can be installed while wrapping to be reused when re-wrapping the item next year. For anyone wondering, there are specific programs in place to recycle the plastic after it has been removed. One program that we are aware of offers a bag to hold 600 sq. ft. of wrap with a UPS label to ship it to the recycle center in Minnesota.

One final note. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in the shrink wrapping service. My son will need to make arrangements to travel here from MN to bring the equipment. If there is not enough interest, it wouldn’t be worth his time/effort. 


Moving of RV Under Hurricane Warning: As an alternative to contracting with the RV Doctor to have your unit moved to their storage facility in the event of a hurricane, we can tow your unit to the onsite storage area provided the following: #1. You have a contract with the developer for short term storage #2.There is adequate space in the storage area for the number of units and #3.The hurricane warning gives me ample time to get your unit moved. The fees for this would be considerably less than the RV Doctor, but obviously your unit would not be in a an indoor facility and protection would be minimal. However it would be better protected than if it were left sitting on your lot.

Custom Services: If you have other ideas for services like lot opening, cleaning & prep for your arrival we are available for that as well.




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