Have you checked your battery cables lately?

Recently I had a client say that their fridge wouldn’t run very long on the inverter and several other things weren’t working for long on 12 volts / Coach batteries alone. They also said that they were getting unusual voltage readings on the charging meter, like 0 amps when plugged in.  When I arrived to look things over we looked at the Magnum charging controls inside, which usually show some amperage reading despite the battery charging state.  We eventually walked outside to look over the batteries, mostly due to the odd readings and the customers complaint that they were not getting much life from the batteries. All I can say is that it was a Very good thing that the previous owner had put in sealed Glass Mat batteries. the picture below shows the reason why things weren’t just right. Normally battery terminals do not melt or Glow Red Hot!

Thankfully in part due to the type of batteries and the grace of God, these people didn’t end up being a statistic due to fire or explosion.  This was one of two overheated battery terminals that due to loose connections eventually started to heat up and the battery posts and never got hot enough to cause a fire or explosion of the battery.  Simple periodic maintenance and checking of batteries could have prevented this.


Hot Battery lead

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