Covid-19 update, We are back in Petoskey Mi.

Despite the craziness with the Covid-19 virus, we have managed to make our way back up to Petoskey, ready to help the fine folks in the area. We are staying at the Petsokey RV Resort this year across from Bay Harbor. So far due to the Covid mess we are only 1 of two seasonal guests in the park, word is the governor is expected to allow transient camping starting June 13th . I am hoping that holds true this time as the governor has been preventing the safest mode of travel from being used.

A self contained RV is the safest way you can travel with the least amount of personal contact. You can book ahead, pay online or over the phone the majority of times, get an email receipt. As far as getting to your spot, you typically get a map of some kind and go to your site, set up stay and enjoy the place you’re in without having physical or even close personal contact with anyone else.

As far as food and fuel, you have the same risks of catching something every day of the year in normal shopping activities when you need those supplies, so your risks are not increased by travelling in an RV. In some regards, your risks are likely to be less, due to stocking up better in the RV and not needing to run out to the store. Other obvious health benefits with RV’ing is more time outdoors than indoors, more vitamin D and fresh clean air, and not being cooped up in a home is better for your mental health as well.

So I ask “What better way to travel is there, at least in the US and Canada? “

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 update, We are back in Petoskey Mi.

  1. Hey Rick,
    I just got off the phone with you, This is Joe Lam from Austin Tx. We talked about a basic RV inspection for a USED 2020 Class A motorhome at LaMesa RV in Ft Myers, FL. Its a Winnebago SunStar 27PE with approx 5,000 mi. I expect to be at LaMesa to buy it on or about Nov 7th. Would like to get a basic inspections of all the basic operating parts and mechanical for peace of mind prior to my arrival. I’ll get back with you after Nov 1st.

    BTW, I see you spend time in Petoskey, Mi. I actually was born in Mich and went to Mich State Univ. (MSU).

    I’ll talk to you in early Nov.

    Thx again.
    Joe Lam.

    CP: 512/796-7337


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