I am a tech guy from way back in the 1980’s, I’ve been working with gadgetry of every type and variety one could imagine since then.
Started with basic electronics, which evolved into computers and mechanical devices. I worked on John Deere tractors, built custom engines for fun and racing, designed custom controls for multiple applications, and even did home remodeling.
I spent years as an IT guy in all aspects of the computer world, and now the past 5 years being an RVer and working on RV’s and having put over 60,000 miles on RV’s since June of 2010.
One of my latest ventures was to install a movie screen, and customize the audio system in a RV resort for doing presentations, showing movies and special events to large crowds.

In short I have learned a lot and done a lot, and enjoy helping others to resolve RV related problems.

I am a certified RV inspector, which is another  way I have found to help the RV community make sound choices in buying or selling a used RV.

I am working with RV Driving School helping to teach fellow RVer’s how to be safe and comfortable driving their RV. I share with the students the problems and mishaps I have had so that they might avoid them. Best of all I get the opportunity to make new friends and welcome some to the RV lifestyle.

To further the opportunities to meet new folks and help them out I will be doing professional RV inspections for buyers, sellers, lenders, insurance companies and RV dealers. The inspections are intended to help in make knowledgeable decisions in an RV purchase.

Hoping to get to know you and help you soon.
Thanks for stopping by my web site.

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