There are 40 key areas of inspection, and up to 235 specific points of inspection, depending on the type of RV and installed equipment.

Basic covers all the critical components of the RV and 20 to 60 photos.

Complete covers all of the basic components and adds the areas that are not easily inspected and goes more in depth on critical components including testing operation of those components. This also includes engine oil and coolant samples, and 40 to 70 photos.

Extensive covers all the above plus transmission fluid, heating system fluids for hydronic type systems,  non-destructive internal component inspections of water heaters, air conditioners, ventilation systems and thorough documenting of all systems. Including maintenance history as available through research.

Fluid Sampling:

Engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant tests that are added to your inspection are all added at a cost of $60.00 per item and the test results are typically returned back to you within 3 business days after the day of your inspection. Differential fluid testing is $80.00 per unit due to the labor involved in obtaining the sample.  If you desire fluid testing and want the results prior to a purchase, please allow adequate time for the inspection and test results to be returned.