A Busy Week

This past week I had a full week of work, despite the fact that there are only a few rigs lefthere at ‘The Trail’. I started the week by helping a neighbor correct some problems with their new 5th wheel after the RV repair company he was attempting to work with repeatedly failed to keep… Read More

Run the AC or not?

So there are lots of people who leave their RV stored in Florida during the summer while they retreat to the north to avoid the heat and humidity. But what about the RV, is it ok not to keep at least a high temp setting of 85 degrees or there about to minimize moisture inside… Read More

Keeping your Cool!

Periodic cleaning of the return air filters inside your RV can make a huge difference in how well your air conditioners work in cooling your rig.  Without adequate air flow, the systems do not work well, and you suffer from the heat and the air conditioner won’t work as well as it could. If the… Read More