I purchased a water filter system made by Whirlpool over a year ago, it is a whole house filter system. This household style filter is intended to clean out most of the nasty chlorine to a level of roughly 98.5%. So it is the next best thing to having soft water, but better yet, with it installed ahead of your water softener this unit will actually lengthen the time between treatment cycles on the water softener.

Rated Service Flow Rate 6.0 gpm (22.7 L/min.)
Pressure Drop at Rated Service Flow 10 psig* (68.9 kPa)
Pressure Drop at 9.6 gpm 15 psig* (103.4 kPa)
Water Pressure Limits (minimum / maximum) 30 – 125 psi (206.8 – 861.8 kPa)
Water Temperature Limits (minimum / maximum) 40 – 100 °F (5 – 38 °C)
Drain Flow Rate 3.4 gpm
Rated Capacity at Chlorine Concentration** of:
0.50 ppm = 2,280,000 gal.*
0.75 ppm = 1,520,000 gal.*
1.0 ppm =   1,140,000 gal.*
1.5 ppm =      760,000 gal.*
2.0 ppm =      570,000 gal.*
Sediment Removal with 30-40 micron particle size 95% or more
Sediment Removal with 40-50 micron particle size 99% or more
So all these stats don’t mean a lot except that the filter will clean out a lot of large and small junk, meaning there is a lot less inside your home, and less to clean up as well. This also helps to keep your water systems working without problems for a longer time. This also means better water flow and less soap needed to lather up and clean up anything in the house. Closing thought is that although this weighs about 40 lbs. it is a permanent filter, no replacement part ever needed and even if this is used without a water softener, it will give you far better water quality than any carbon or paper filter on the market. One  other consideration is that if you do connect to well water systems that do not have filters, you will want a sediment filter in place before this filter to remove large particles and rust.
The system is preset to back-flush itself once every 14 days at 1 AM, it runs for roughly 3 minutes and uses about 10 gallons of water, this is based on the average consumption for a family of four, you can change the interval based on your own needs.
I was hauling this in the back of our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited when we are on the road, having clean quality water for all our needs is worth the little extra labor to set it up at each stop, once you have your hoses set up it’s just the effort of moving it into and out of place. Now since we got our DRV Mobile Suite 39DBRS3, it is permanently plumbed into the system and sitting in our basement along side the water softener.
I also removed the unit from the decorative container it came in, and mounted the controller just above it. so it looks like a round fiberglass container, but it takes up less room than the original container it was in. Naturally Space is a big concern if you are talking RV’s, thus the un-pretty, but functional aspect.
Where to get it, and what to look for :
On the Lowes.Com website
Whirlpool Whole House Water Filtration System
Item #: 31217 |  Model #: WHELJ1

If you still have a sticks N bricks home, this filter would make an excellent addition there also.

Happy Camping!

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