So how many times have you been told  “Take a Load OFF!”

Well, you should do exactly that as much as you reasonably can when parking your rig for prolonged periods of time. If you take the time and spend a little cash, you can either get a 4×6 post (treated or cedar depending on your budget) and have it cut into foot long pieces. In the front of our 5th, I have a stack of 2 high and 2 wide under the nose gear, and 2 high under each of the other jacks. They are laying on the wide surface (6″wide) to create a stable footing, with the length of roughly 1 foot, they create a very stable footing.

The biggest reason I do this is to reduce the crushing of the sidewalls of the tires when the rig is sitting for long periods of time. This helps reduce the amount of sidewall cracking and fracturing, and also helps to reduce the risk of blowouts due to sidewall failures.  the other advantage to this, is that you experience much less bouncing inside the rig, due to less extension of the hydraulic levelers when you are parked. This may also help even if you have a mechanical leveling system with stability, not having had a rig like that I can’t say it will work as well but it will at least reduce the amount of labor jacking it up.

From the pictures above you can see how I used them, and with the additional height, it helps to ensure that you minimize the weight on the tires.

This also works with Class A  rigs, if you have a 40+ ft diesel pusher like I used to own, I had similar pads to slide under it, helping to stabilize things and take the load off the tires there as well.

These blocks can also help when you go to that park that isn’t as level as they say it is, and helps to keep your jack pads from sinking into deep muddy pits or soft ground. I’d rather leave a piece of wood behind because its buried in the ground than to damage a leveling jack due to poor ground conditions.




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