Do you have a RV specific GPS?

This unit allows you to put in your height, weight, length and other preferences. It also takes voice commands rather than you trying to use it when you are driving. These are very helpful to keep you from going on roads you should not be on and also helps in finding RV parks, fuel stops, rest areas and more.

Garmin GPS

Save on Fuel

A Pilot discount card gives you 5 cents/gallon discount on fuel at Pilot and Flying J truck stops. Flying J’s also have overnight parking for RV’s at many of their locations. You can download the Pilot App on your smart phone or tablet. The attached link gets you to the information and a download link for their app.

Flying J & Pilot Information and link

A Good Sam card will also get you a discounted fuel price, but personally I have had less trouble using the Pilot card, especially when paying ahead. Many cashiers may be unaware of the Good Sam Card discount.

Good Sam Club/Camping World Membership

A Good Sam membership gives you a discount on purchases in the Camping World store as well as 10% discount at many campgrounds and RV parks nationwide.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

For roughly $90.00 a year, Good Sam Roadside Assistance is a good investment should you need to be towed. A couple of years ago a cooling fan failed on my class A and the tow would have cost me $600 out of pocket.

Good Sam Club

Toilet Paper

Typically the Scott brand is a good price, dissolves readily and ill not cause problems in the black tank. You can do a very simple test of your favorite brand by taking 1 sheet, dropping it into a glass of water , waiting 5 minutes and then swirl it around. If it dissolves, it won’t cause issues in your black tank.

Maintenance of Black Tanks

Walmart carries drop in treatment packets in the camping section and it costs less than Camping World. The cost is comparable with these Amazon products:

Drop In Treatment – non-scented


Lavender Drop treatment

When it comes to maintaining and using the black tank, never leave the black tank drain open unless it’s during the drain and flush cycle. Leaving the black tank open while its in use will create a buildup of solids. Over time this will reduce the amount of storage and also create an expensive tank cleaning bill. Closing the black water drain between full tank cycles is a must in order to keep the tank clean and usable. The drop in pouches only work when they are sitting in several gallons of sewage, that’s when the enzymes go to work to dissolve the solids insuring that all the waste goes through the hose when you open the drain on a full tank.

Prior to dumping the black tank, close the grey tank dump valve (if you leave it open constantly). Then slowly open the black tank dump valve part way, then turn on the Sani-flush/tank flush hose. Once that is running, slowly open the black tank valve the rest of the way to open it fully. I recommend running the black tank flush for roughly 5 minutes or until the water draining out looks reasonably clear.

Once the black tank is empty and the water becomes clear, shut off the rinse water, let it finish draining, then close the black water dump valve. At this time it’s O.K. to open the grey water dump valve again.  **Note: Let the grey tank fill up periodically and treat it with a drop in tablet. This will help ensure that the tank doesn’t buildup with sludge. Having Sani-flush or similar rinse systems will not necessarily  prevent sludge build up. I have used these drop-ins to help clean up and freshen the tank. There should never be an unpleasant odor from  your tanks if everything is plumbed properly and in good working order. The drop-in tablets will also deodorize drains.

Grey Water Treatment

Fresh Water

It’s a good idea to have an in-line regulator for the fresh water that’s coming in to your RV – set it to about 60 PSI. This typically will keep you out of trouble and avoid blowing up water lines in an older RV. Some of the newer RV’s are capable of handling up to 100 PSI due to the newer PEX tubing systems which can withstand the higher pressure. Again, an adjustable regulator is helpful in preventing problems and exceeding the 100 PSI level.

Brass Lead Free Adjustable Regulator

Water Hoses

A good quality hose specifically for clean water is a must. It is also a good idea to have a separate hose for your flushing system to prevent the risk of cross contamination from  back washing of the black tank. An inexpensive hose in a different color than the clean water hose will help eliminate a mix up.

Drinking Water Hose

I have provided several links to Amazon. They have great prices on some products, but both Walmart and Camping World carry many of the same products at competitive prices. My advice is “shop around”.




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  1. I’m not familiar with your specific RV but most units are controlled by a wall thermostat and probably a on off switch either on the top of the furnace or on the outside under the external cover in the lower left corner.


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