By request of a good friend I am compiling a list of tools that would be good to have on hand while on the road, some of this will seems pretty basic, but none the less good to have.

First aid kit, at least a basic kit, don’t go crazy, they often don’t get used before bandaids dry out etc.

Flashlight, when selecting a new one, its good to have one that has a flashing feature, which can be used as a self defense tool. A bright flashing light in someones eyes can totally disorient the attacker.


Screw drivers, philips and flat head

crescent wrench, usually good to have at least and 8 inch

An 8 inch channel lock style pliers, which can be handy when opening drain caps at the RV parks. They also make a little orange wrench you can buy at Camping World.

A small socket set, that includes some screwdriver like bits, especially needed these days are the little square rive style, usually 3 basic sizes, the rv industry seems to love the square drive screws now.

Disposable gloves for handle waste water hose after disconnecting from RV.  You may also want to have a small bucket on hand to catch anything that is in the waste outlet, before attaching the waste hose.

** Note: it is always best to connect the fresh water before the waste water and disconnect in the same manner to minimize contaminating your fresh water hose. Make sure you rinse out the waste hose before stowing it if at all possible.

Nice to have is a battery powered drill, never know when you might need to drill a hole or two to mount something or repair something… and a small bit set, usually a 1/16″ to 1/2″ bit sizes is adequate.

(This is a work in progress, I’ll add things as they come to mind, check back when you see an update if you are following me.)

** Self defense note

As suggested by my trainer George Mayleben of the RV Driving School, Wasp spray can also be a very good self defense tool, typically because it can spray a stream of chemicals a very long distance and it is a very irritating.