Well to put it plainly, I can and will repair just about anything that is inside or outside of your RV. the following list is an example of the things I can or will work on, and is not a complete list by any means.

Heating and cooling system  controls and general cleaning or repair of those systems.

Plumbing problems, replacing fixtures, upgrading fixtures, filter systems and water softeners  (whole house or drinking water / reverse osmosis)

Electrical problems, AC & DC systems

Solar panel and system installs

Lighting, interior and exterior, accent lighting, repair or add on

Audio systems, interior and exterior add on, repair or replacement.

Antennas, repair or replace, or upgrade

Small appliance repair / replace

Ventilation systems, repair, cleaning, upgrade or replacement of existing vents.

leak repair,  (Excluding full roof top replacements)

Add On awnings, full-sized manual and power awnings, manual window awnings, slide out topper add-on or repair.

External cameras – for backup or side views

Window blind repairs or replacement

Limited additional insulation or draft elimination (some drafts can not be eliminated due to construction / design issues)

Limited servicing of Dometic or Atwood refrigerators

* I do not do any drive-train, suspension, brake system or similar repairs, I leave that to qualified people with the right set of tools and equipment.

If it’s not here just ask, I might say yes, or refer you to the right place.

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