After you have done the inspection and all looks good, if your new home on wheels is less than 12 years old and 100,000 miles you might want to consider an extended warranty to protect your pocketbook. Yes there is an investment in the extended warranty, now consider the cost of repairs.

I should know about repair costs, I do repairs, and the $$$ add up quickly, for example I had a call today, the guy said “I saw smoke coming from behind the refrigerator and now a bunch of stuff isn’t working, and then ….”

So I went by and looked things over, thankfully he had warranty coverage because that smoke behind the fridge is a $1600+ bill. his share of that bill is only $200.00, I don’t know what he is paid for his particular coverage, but this is only incident. Now that I’ve done a bit of a sales pitch, if you wish to consider coverage, go to the link below and  give them my referal code which will save you a little money on the cost. The investment now could save you a lot of money over the course of a few years. (Yes I know we have all heard the stories, and we think, yeah but if I put that money aside and draw interest on it I could have… When was the last time you did that?) Check them out and if you decide to buy, don’t forget the code for reducing the cost.

Check out my associates at Wholesale Warranties and give them the code D-ROVINGRV 

PS Happy Camping!