After sharing posts on Facebook with my friends they asked me where I got the information, and this is my response to them.

Rick Klingberg writes all the articles. He deserves all the credit. He is an expert RV technician…….. We were very fortunate to find Rick in Florida last winter. He has saved us a lot of time and money. But perhaps more importantly he keeps us safe on the road……..Rick is the owner of Rick The RoVing Tech, specializing in RV repair and services. They are based in Florida and Minnesota. But their business name sounds like they will come to you….. We have been extremely impressed with Rick’s preventative service. You can learn more about his wide variety of services at or like him on Facebook and read all his blogs…….The person who introduced me to Rick said “if a man made it Rick can fix it”

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Thanks Marti for the kind words.

Marti McCann