I’m writing this review, because I can never thank Rick enough for the outstanding complete inspection that he performed on my recent purchase of a used 2014 Leisure Travel Van Free Spirit SS (5,800 miles on board).

Rick not only discovered many existing and potential issues with the RV, but he gave me me invaluable advice on how to maintain it and improve it.

I’m currently at crossroads in my life, because I couldn’t purchase a house in California and with the apartment rents going through the roof at present time (my rent was recently unreasonably increased by 36% this past month), I decided to become a full-time RV-er. This decision was so hard to make that the same day I purchased the RV I wanted to return it right back to the dealership, because I couldn’t see myself living full time in a claustrophobic house on wheels.

In those moments, Rick helped me see things clearer and encouraged me to follow my dream, so I decided to take the RV and go home. I had to drive it alone from Florida, where I purchased it, back to California, a 3000 mile journey. Rick was with me every single day and followed my progress unceasingly until I arrived home safely.

I strongly recommend him for his competence and his efforts to do much more than his job.


Razvan Rusu

Fremont, CA

Razvan Rusu